Talks will be held at Auditorio N. Bralic (in the adjacent building of the Mathematics Building), except on Tuesday 22 where they will take place in Room D 302 (Bachillerato).




Antoine DUCROS - U. de Nice: Introduction to Berkovich spaces

Jean-Pierre OTAL - CNRS / U. Paul Sabatier: Compactification of spaces of representations (after Morgan and Shalen)

Nicolas RESSAYRE - U. Montpellier 2: Geometric invariant theory: constructing the moduli space of rational maps(after Silverman)


V. Berkovich: 
Spectral theory and analytic geometry over non-Archimedean fields. Mathematical surveys and monographs, 33. American Math. Soc., Providence, RI, 1990.

A. Ducros: 
Géométrie analytique p-adique, la théorie de Berkovich, Gazette des mathématiciens 111 (2007), 12--27.

J. Morgan and P. Shalen:  An introduction to compactifying spaces of hyperbolic structures by action on trees. Geometry and topology. 228--240 Lecture Notes in Math., 1167, Springer, Berlin, 1985.

J. Silverman: The space of rational maps of P1. Duke Math J. 94 (1998), no1, 41--77


Laura DE MARCO: the moduli space of polynomials


Jan KIWI: quadratic rational maps

John MILNOR: cubic polynomial maps with periodic critical orbit.

Mitsuhiro SHISHIKURA: trees associated to Fatou components of rational map

Lucien SZPIRO:
Potential good reduction and isotriviality.
A Shafarevich-Faltings finitness theorem for rational maps.


Francois BERTELOOT, Approximation of the bifurcation current for families of rational maps.


Xander FABER, Equidistribution and finiteness results.


Jerome POINEAU, The berkovich affine line over  Z