Practical Information

Please find bellow directions and practical information that might be of help for you during your stay in Santiago. If you have any questions please send us an email to the following address:

In case you need to contact us while in Chile you can call Jan Kiwi to the following cell phone number:

(56 9) 96134991
Dial 09 96134991 from phones in Santiago.

1. Accommodation.

At "Hotel & Apart Club Presidente Santiago". It is located three blocks from the "Tobalaba" metro station in the Providencia neighbourhood.

Hotel & Apart Club Presidente Santiago
Luis Thayer Ojeda 558

Phone: (56 2) 233 56 52
Fax: (56 2) 231 69 48

A map and more information regarding the hotel can be found at:

At Residencia Universitaria

It is located three blocks from the "Tobalaba" metro station in the Providencia neighbourhood.

Residencia Universitaria
Holanda 518

Phone (56 2) 234 3626

Map Near Residencia

2. From the Airport to the Hotel.

There are several ways to go from Santiago Airport to the Hotel.

2.1 By Taxi, the price should be around 15.000 CLP (arrange the fare with the taxi driver in advance).

2.2 By Bus, there are buses from the airport to the Metro (cost: 2000 CLP) every 30 min. If you are going by bus, you should get off the bus at METRO ESTACION PAJARITOS. Then take the Metro in the "Escuela Militar" direction and get off at METRO TOBALABA. The hotel is three blocks form there.

2.3 By Transfer. This is a small bus that is shared with some other people. They will drive you from the airport to the Hotel. Cost: 5000 CLP. This should be arranged within the airport. There are two companies that offer this service: TRANSVIP and TURBUS.

More information can be found at:

3. From the Hotel and Residencia to the University.

The conference will be held at Facultad de Matemáticas, Universidad Católica located in Campus San Joaquin of this University (there are several cumpus spread over Santiago).

Campus San Joaquin is located at the San Joaquin Metro Station (Vicuña Mackenna 4860). The easiest way to get there is by Metro.  In the following web-site you can find a map of the metro line and clicking on each metro station you will find a map of the surroundings of the station:


Take the Line 1 (red line) of the metro at Metro Tobalaba  station in direction to San Pablo and get off at Metro Estacion Baquedano.

Transfer to Line 5 (green line) in direction to  Bellavista de La Florida. Get off at estación San Joaquin. You will see the campus.

Then follow the campus map

The whole trip should take like 40 minutes.

4. Public transportation.

In order to take a bus in Santiago you need a card, the so called "BIP" card. It can be purchased at any metro station at a cost of 1000 CLP. You need to charge it with certain amount of money and then use it to pay your fare.

The cost of the bus ticket is: 380 CLP.

If you want to use the Metro then you can either buy the tickets at any metro station or use the BIP card.

The cost of a metro ticket is: 420 CLP.

5. Aproximate exchange rate

1 EUR = 715 CLP
1 USD = 498 CLP

You can exchange money at the airport. There are ATM machines all over the city, in particular at the airport. Note that if you want to cash a check you will be asked to show your passport.

6. Weather.

The weather in Santiago during January is normally dry, warm during the
day and cool at night.

The maximum temperature every day should be around 30 degrees Celsius and the minimum 12 degrees Celsius.

7. Places to eat.

There are many places to have lunch and dinner in the Providencia area. Most of them close around 11 pm or later. On Sundays most of the places are closed. Nevertheless, you can find places to eat in a street called "El Bosque norte". It is situated between
the metro stations Tobalaba and El Golf. It is perpendicular to Avenida Providencia.

8. Important entry information: Reciprocity Law.

Passengers from countries which require visa for Chilean citizens (USA, Australia, Canada, Mexico) should pay a reciprocity tax before approaching the International Police