The Bicentennial Workshop on Dynamical Systems will be held at the Archeology Museum of Universidad Catolica del Norte (UCN), at San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. It will begin in the morning of May 24 (Monday) and it will end in the afternoon of 04 (Friday).

This is the fifth of a series of Workshops on Dynamical Systems that have been held since 1999, at Universidad Catolica del Norte.

The Organizing Committee:

Luis del Campo (UCN)
Victor Guinez (USaCh)
Bernardo San Martin (UCN)
Jan Kiwi (PUC)
Jimmy Santamaria (UCN)
Eduardo Munoz (UCN)
Bartlomiej Skorulski (UCN)
Andres Navas(USaCh)
Carlos Vasquez (PUCV)
Juan Rivera-Letelier (PUC)
Richard Urzua (UCN)