LX Dynamical Systems Colloquium

November 21-25, 2011

ITUR-UFRO, Pucón, Chile

The aim of this conference is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Rodrigo Bamón.

As a tribute to Bamon`s key role in the development of dynamical systems in Chile, the meeting will focus on this general area. We specially welcome works in Rodrigo`s main mathematical interests: Polynomial vector fields, singular cycles, higher dimensional attractors for flows, circle endomorphisms, complex dynamics, applications to partial differential equations and mathematical finance.

We intend to create a good atmosphere for collaboration, mathematical discussions and celebration. In addition to the classical mathematical activities, the location offers the possibilities for native forest trips, volcano climbing, rafting, etc. Indeed, the city of Pucón where the conference will be held is in the mountain region of the south of Chile, and is surrounded by impressive native forests, stunning lakes and majestic volcanos.We also plan to get in contact with Rodrigo`s non-mathematical interests like art-craft and Yoga.

We hope to see you during the conference.

Jan Kiwi jkiwi@mat.puc.cl

Andrés Navas 

Mario Ponce mponcea@mat.puc.cl

Carlos Vásquez carlos.vasquez@ucv.cl

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  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:30-10:20    Roussarie  Sambarino  Quas  Crampon
10:20-10:50    coffee-break  coffee-break  coffee-break  coffee-break
10:50-11:40  registration  Hammerlindl  Gassul  Guiraud  Goetz
12:00-12:50  Gambaudo  Potrie  Guíñez  Poirier  Trofymchuk
13:00-15:00   lunch  lunch  lunch  lunch  lunch
15:00-15:50  Kocsard  Díaz  Bochi  free afternoon  Markarián
15:50-16:40  Cortez  Vieitez  Bobenrieth  free afternoon  Sotomayor
16:40-17:10  coffee-break  coffee-break  coffee-break  free afternoon  
17:10-18:00  Iommi  Labarca-Yus  Flores  free afternoon  

The conference will be held at the Instituto EuroChileno de Turismo ITUR.

The ITUR is located in the central square of the village of Pucón (see the map bellow).

The Pucón area has a very wide range of lodging possibilities.

In absence of any explicit email from the organizers, we ask you to make the hotel reservations by your own. The organizers recomend the following hotel:

Hostal Gerónimo Pucón: http://www.geronimo.cl/
(please mention that you intent to participate in the conference when booking).

A cheaper choice (suitable for students) is Hostal Willy

Other lodging possibilities can be founded by browsing this page:

Arrival information:

Arriving by plane:

You will arrive to the Manquehue airport (located in Temuco city). Just in the arrival hall  you will find a transfer service Transfer Aeropuerto Temuco.

The price for the Airport-Pucón trip is Max (n*$8000 CLP, $32000 CLP), where n is the number of passengers.

There is also Taxis at the outside of the airport and a similar trip cost $48000 (USD$ 100).

There is a cheaper, but very much longer, way to get Pucón. That is, take a transfer to Temuco bus station ($2000 CLP), and then, take a bus to Pucón. We do not recommend this option.

Arriving by bus:

Depending on the bus company, the Pucón stop is located in the village, and a few blocks apart of the conference place.

Currency:  in the last months the mean currency is

$ 490 CLP = $ 1 USD
$ 660 CLP = $ 1 EUR

There are many Change Services in the center of Pucón. In the Manquehue airport you can find a ATM (Distributeur de Billets) just at  the right of one (over two, very closely located) exits.

Weather in the Pucón region:  please check  Dirección Meteorológica de Chile

Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad de Chile

Facultad de Matemáticas
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Vicerrectoría de Investigación, 
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Instituto de Matemáticas
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

Facultad de Ciencia
Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Instituto Euro-Chileno de Turismo
Universidad de la Frontera

All the participants are requested to pay an inscription fee of  CLP$ 50.000. ( US$110, euro$ 75).

We can not handle credit cards, hence we kindly ask the participants to pay the registration fee by cash

Mahsa Allahbakhshi, CMM – U. de Chile
Mauricio Allendes, PUC-Chile
Rodrigo Bamón, U. de Chile
Juan Bobenrieth, Univ. del Bío-Bío
Jairo Bochi, PUC-Río
Juan Carmona, UCN
Gonzalo Castro, USACH
Daniel Coronel, PUC-Chile
Felipe Correa, UCN
María Isabel Cortez, USACH
Mickael Crampon, Univ. Strasbourg / USACH
Lorenzo Díaz, PUC-Río
Isabel Flores, UTFSM
Jean-Marc Gambaudo, Univ. de Nice
Armengol Gasull, Univ. Aut. de Barcelona
Arek Goetz, San Francisco State Univ.
Víctor Guíñez, USACH
Pierre Guiraud, Universidad de Valparaíso
Andy Hammerlindl, IMPA
Godofredo Iommi, PUC-Chile
Jan Kiwi, PUC-Chile
Alejandro Kocsard, Univ. Fed. Fluminense
Rafael Labarca, USACH
Roberto Markarián, U. de la Rep. del Uruguay
Sheila Mccann, Univ. Leicester
José Pablo Mujica, UTFSM
Andrés Navas, USACH
Victoria Núñez, USACH
Alfredo Poirier, PUC-Lima
Mario Ponce, PUC-Chile
Rafael Potrie, U. de la Rep. del Uruguay
Antony Quas, Univ. of Victoria, Canada
Ricardo Reyes, UTFSM
Robert Roussarie, Univ. de Bourgogne
Martín Sambarino, Universidad de la Rep. del Uruguay
Bernardo San Martín, UCN
Jorge Sotomayor, Univ. Sao Paulo
Eduardo Stange, Universidad de Valparaíso
Sergei Trofimchuk, Univ. de Talca
Eugenio Trucco, UACH
Francisco Valenzuela, PUCV
Carlos Vásquez, PUCV
José Vieitez, Univ. de la Rep. del Uruguay

 Please download your Participation Certificate here