The aim of this conference is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Rodrigo Bamón.

As a tribute to Bamon`s key role in the development of dynamical systems in Chile, the meeting will focus on this general area. We specially welcome works in Rodrigo`s main mathematical interests: Polynomial vector fields, singular cycles, higher dimensional attractors for flows, circle endomorphisms, complex dynamics, applications to partial differential equations and mathematical finance.

We intend to create a good atmosphere for collaboration, mathematical discussions and celebration. In addition to the classical mathematical activities, the location offers the possibilities for native forest trips, volcano climbing, rafting, etc. Indeed, the city of Pucón where the conference will be held is in the mountain region of the south of Chile, and is surrounded by impressive native forests, stunning lakes and majestic volcanos.We also plan to get in contact with Rodrigo`s non-mathematical interests like art-craft and Yoga.

We hope to see you during the conference.

Jan Kiwi

Andrés Navas

Mario Ponce

Carlos Vásquez